Mandatory Public Disclosures
Special Achievements

Fee Procedure

Attendance and Leave

  1. Every student must complete 85% of school attendance to qualify for appearing in the annual examination.  In very rare and genuine cases, shortage of ten lectures may be condoned by the Principal.
  2. Attendance in the Morning Assembly is compulsory.
  3. No leave application will be entertained if it is not properly endorsed by the authorized guardian/parent.
  4. Attendance at school function, co-curricular activities, extra classes is equally compulsory and the same norms, as mentioned above, are applicable to such activities too.
  5. A student must get his/her leave sanctioned in advance otherwise he/she may be punished
  6. Continuous absence for 6 days without prior information may lead to sticking the name from school roll.

Payment of Fees

Fee is to be deposited in  the bank by 10th of every quarter. The students newly admitted in the school will pay the fees for April, May & June at the time of admission only. In the interest of the parents, it is advisable to pay the fee in time, failing which fine will be charged as per the following rates:

  1. For first 10 days Rs. 50/-
  2. For next 10 days Rs. 100/-
  3. In case of delay upto 30 days Rs. 150/-
  4. In case of failure to deposit the fee  after delay upto 30 days, the name of student will be struck off from the school rolls.
  5. Re-admission fee will be charged Rs. 500/-
  6. Fee is to be paid in cash only.
  7. The duplicate fee deposit slip book will be issued against payment of Rs.10/-.

Other Terms and Conditions Regarding Fee:

  1. Admission Fee are payable once at the time of admission only.
  2. Refund of students security should be claimed within one year of leaving the school. Due to any reason after one year the security will lapse to the school.
  3. Fee once paid will neither be refunded nor be adjusted for any reason.
  4. Fee book must be retained for Income Tax rebate. No separate certificate will be issued.

Student Security
Security is charged once at the time of admission & refund of security can be claimed within three years of leaving the school only. No claim would be entertained thereafter.

Procedure for Withdrawal

  1. Prior to the withdrawal of a student from the school, a month’s notice or the payment of a month’s fee in lieu of notice is required.
  2. The principal can ask a student to withdraw from school on any one of the following grounds:
    1. Constant weakness in studies
    2. Irregularity in attendance
    3. Indiscipline
    4. Non- Payment of the fee or irregularity in payment.
  3. No school leaving certificate is issued without a written application from the parent/ guardian.  All school dues must be cleared before applying for the certificate.